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    Polish passport is a document, which entitles to cross the border, stay abroad. It certifies Polish citizenship as well as the identity of the owner within the scope of the personal data included.


    The Polish passport can be granted to a person who has confirmed Polish citizenship, whose identity, with spelling of the name and the second name included, can be proven on the basis of the documents presented.


    Passports are printed in Poland, regardless of the residence of the applicant.  A Polish citizen who is applying for a Polish passport abroad should take into account the fact that the process will last around 5-6 weeks due to the fact that the document has to be produced in Poland. It is recommended that an application for a new passport is submitted minimum 6 months before the expiration date of the current passport.


    The Consular Section of Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv does not guarantee the issuing of the passport on the date requested by the applicant and is not responsible for any harm and costs that may be encountered.


    A passport for a person above 13 years old is valid for 10 years from the date it is issued. A minor under 13, will obtain a passport valid for 5 years. 


    ATTENTION!! The Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv does not issue European passports. Only Polish citizens can apply for Polish passports.


    In order to apply for passport it is necessary to register on the website Only registered applicants will enter the Consular Section. For details please check: ONLINE PASSPORT REGISTRATION.





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