• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates were created to help Polish businesses to internationalise, particularly SMEs. Our mission is not only to help Polish companies but, also, to assist foreign businesses looking to buy goods and services in Poland or locate their activity in our country. Our offices around the world are equally sensitive to the needs and requests of Polish as well as foreign businesses.


    If you are a company looking to move into Poland or buy Polish goods or services, our staff will do its utmost to help you to succeed.

    On your request we will be happy to provide information packages covering the following areas:


    • Legal framework for business activities in Poland
    • Privatisation of State-owned companies
    • Investment opportunities in Poland
    • Sales Leads
    • Tax regulations
    • Labour market and employment possibilities
    • Trade fairs and exhibitions

    Our computerised databases include relevant details on Polish and foreign companies looking for business opportunities. Our staff will be more than happy to meet Israeli and Palestinian business visitors and provide advice on market opportunities.

    Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact details are available on our website.



    Trade and Investment Promotion Section, Embassy of Poland

    Mr. Krzysztof BARTOSZ

    Counsellor, Head of Section

    79 Yehuda Hamaccabi Street, Tel Aviv 62300, Israel
     Phone: +972-3-544-6246 • Fax: +972-3-544-6247



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